Chiller and freezer cells

From a single cell to a full series

Titelbild Kühlzelle / Tiefkühlzelle


  • Complete with sandwich elements filled with hard polyurethane foam
  • Thermal bridge-free tongue and groove connections
  • Modular design for standard size series and any special sizes and shapes in single-unit production
  • For temperatures from − 30° to + 25°C
  • Insulation thicknesses of 80, 100, 120, and 160 mm
  • Surfaces made of stainless steel or plastic-coated steel sheet

For any application

With a portfolio of proven standard cells, you can rely on proven quality. In addition, we are your partner for custom-manufactured special solutions; for example, we offer custom storage and refrigeration options for medications, vaccinations, or blood reserves.


All cells are made of CFC-free foamed individual elements with an insulation thickness of up to 200 mm. Tongue and grooved profiles and foamed hook closures ensure a stable, positive-locking connection without thermal bridges or energy loss.


Equip your cells to meet your needs with revolving or sliding doors. Of course, all doors seal tightly and are equipped with a thermal interruption profile. The rubber seals are hygienic to clean, and can be exchanged easily if needed. In ultra low temperature cells, frame heating prevents the doors from freezing.


You can adjust the exteriors of our chiller and freezer cells with a large selection of surfaces. Cells in white or stainless steel blend effortlessly and discreetly into all operating rooms. Painted in any RAL colour, they become a point of interest in a showroom, and command attention.


High loads – many applications. The base of a cell can withstand the heaviest loads, and fulfil a wide range of different requirements. A boil-proof, glued plywood panel is foamed with a non-slip plastic coating on the inside of the cell base. Thanks to the use of different reinforcements and alternative surfaces, it is possible to increase stability up to a wheel load of 3000 N and a distributed load of 30 kN / square meter.

Shelving system

Ensure order in every cell with the easy to install shelving system made of aluminium or stainless steel. The shelves are available as a modular system, and can be installed simply and without tools.


Upon request, chiller and freezer cells are available including a plug-in ready unit. Depending on the cell size and temperature range, plug-in, piggyback, or ceiling-mounted units are available, with relevant power ranges.


Of course, every cell must be equipped with good lighting. This is the case not only for safety reasons, but also to ensure comfort in everyday work and that all goods are stored in an orderly manner and easy to identify. We use state-of-the-art, energy-saving, and long-lasting LED lights.

Hatches and flaps

Optional, sealed hatches and flaps with hygienically welded edges allow for easy access, without having to enter the cell.


They help keep everything under control, even in difficult situations. Every door on our chiller and freezer cells is equipped with an emergency opening as a standard feature, which can be activated from the inside. In addition, cells can be equipped with an emergency call system.