Clean room technology



Clean room technology

Clean rooms are made of many different individual components that must be perfectly tailored to work together. Because of this, we take a comprehensive approach and handle the construction, climate control technology, and electrical components. You receive a complete solution from a single source.


Each clean room is made of CFC-free foamed individual elements with an insulation thickness of up to 100 mm. Tongue and grooved profiles and foamed hook closures ensure a stable, positive-locking connection. The modular system can be adapted very easily to different conditions.

Climate control technology

The climate control technology is a central component of clean rooms. All parameters are precisely adjusted to the customer’s requirements. This means you have good control over temperature, humidity, and pressure levels.

Doors and windows

All doors and hinges are installed flush, without disruptive edges. Upon request, flush-mounted inspection windows can be installed.


Air locks, material locks, and machine openings integrated into the climate control system are possible, depending on the requirements.

Easy cleaning

Interior corners rounded on all sides simplify cleaning.

Interior equipment

Locks and clean rooms can be equipped with clean workbenches, hygiene stations, sit-over benches, lockers, and other facilities.