Climate and test cells

Gas-tight, welded cells for product tests
under different environmental conditions.



  • Complete with sandwich elements filled with hard polyurethane foam
  • From + 80° with an additional layer of fire-resistant mineral wool
  • Free from thermal bridges and standard welded tongue and groove connections
  • Can be custom manufactured in almost any size and shape
  • For temperatures from – 110°C to + 130°C and humidity of up to 98%
  • Insulation thicknesses: 80, 120, 160 and 200 mm
  • Custom openings and for measurement technology and media passages
  • Foamed cable ducts
  • Gas-tight, built-in doors, gates, hatches, and view windows
  • Angled base with welded drains

Battery testing chambers

Fully welded chambers for tests on different vehicle batteries. Walk-in, completely manufactured on a base frame.

Salt-spray chambers

Corrosion-resistant testing chambers for simulating environmental influences.

Custom special designs


Our testing chambers are just as diverse as your products.
Together, we will develop your custom-tailored testing chamber concept, to get your product ready for the market.


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