Machine claddings



Machine claddings

Regardless whether your project involves an initial set of equipment or the expansion of an existing system, we will individually adjust your machine claddings to your production line, and ensure a smooth process.


All machine claddings is made of CFC-free foamed individual elements with an insulation thickness of up to 200 mm. Tongue and groove profiles create a stable, positive-locking connection without cold or thermal bridges. Suitable for temperature ranges of – 40 to + 60°C.


The placements and sizes of feed-throughs can be individually determined, so they adapt perfectly to your flow of materials

Doors and hatches

Doors and hatches can be installed in any size for convenient access during maintenance or retrofitting.


Depending on the application, doors and hatches can be equipped with different handles, and lockable handles if desired.

Welded elements

To ensure machine claddings can be cleaned easily and hygienically, all joints, seams, feed-throughs and drains are welded.

Observation windows

View windows can be used to monitor production processes.

Sound protection elements

The optional sound protection surface significantly reduces noise levels in the production area.