Salt-spray chambers

Corrosion-resistant test chambers to simulate environmental influences
such as rain, mist or splashwater.




  • Design made completely of 160 mm sandwich elements filled with hard polyurethane foam
  • Thermal bridge-free tongue and groove connections
  • Highly corrosion-resistant steels on all inside surfaces: V4A (1.4404) or V5A (1.4539)
  • All joints in the inside space are welded
  • Can be manufactured in any size and form
  • Temperature range: − 40° to + 60°C
  • Humidity of up to 98%

Tight-sealing, corrosion-resistant doors, with outside shoot bolts, that can be opened from the inside. Lockable upon request.

Airtight, heated windows for visual inspections during on-going operations.

Openings of various sizes can be used for measuring and installation technology; these can be tightly welded on the inside.

Suspended ceilings may be necessary depending on the size of the chambers.

Condensation can drain without dripping on the inside of the saddle roof.

Passable floor made of GFK grates with recesses for underfloor spray nozzles.

Passable, non-slip stainless steel floor with flush-mounted welded drains. If necessary, floors may also be inclined.