We know that the foundation for a good final product is laid during the initial stages of the project. Because of this, our Sales and Design employees understand themselves not primarily as salespeople, but as consultants. We support you from beginning to end with our team, and are able to draw on many years of experience in all areas.


State-of-the-art software, automated processes, and optimised project execution are our motto. It is important that our design department participates in the project, and can react quickly and flexibly to customer changes. Employees in this department work closely with our customer consultants and production management.


Our CAD-supported work stations and CNC-controlled machines can be used to create your custom product quickly, with outstanding precision and high quality. We manufacture all of our products at our plant in Melle-Wellingholzhausen. We are able to draw on a large network of long-term partners in our purchasing area. All of these factors ensure the quality that makes Teledoor products stand out.


We support our partners both before and after production, and provide you with complete documentation. Would you like us to handle assembly? No problem. We have our own team of highly trained personnel, and will be happy to provide you with an offer for assembly.


Of course, our service always includes complete documentation and data sheets. A good partnership does not stop at the delivery. We are also happy to handle maintenance of our systems for you. Do you have further questions or need replacement parts? We would be happy to assist you. Just give us a call.