Ultra low temperature storage rooms for flexible use

up to − 110 °C. Reliable, efficient, and safe for people and the environment.

Ideal for − 80 °C vaccine storage.

Based on our expertise in the fields of refrigeration technology, system construction and project management, we have developed an ultra low temperature storage room to fulfil our mission and our values. In light of the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, storage at − 80 °C is an important feature. We have developed our failsafe, efficient, and safe storage room to meet this need.




  1. Air lock
  2. Storage room
  3. Dehumidification unit with redundant filter system
  4. High-efficiency cold air refrigeration unit
  5. Energy-efficient LED lighting
  6. Air distribution system
  7. Steel frame and attachment points for crane transport
  8. Industrial operating panel and programmable signal transducer
  9. Insulated door with ramp



Overview of key advantages

Future-proof investment

Air is free of charge, unregulated and safe.

Failsafe reliability

Proven technology – Made in Germany. No outages due to liquid refrigerant in the compressor or low system pressure. Low-wear technology.


Easy to transport and install, usage temperature infinitely adjustable from − 40 °C to − 90 °C (optional − 110 °C) without system adjustments.

More efficient than refrigerators and standard storage rooms

Speed controlled, no evaporator, expander with energy recovery to the turbo unit, low spec. surface, vacuum insulation and air lock.

Safe for people and the environment

Absolutely natural refrigerant without high pressures, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Low-maintenance and long-lasting

No leak testing, air bearing compressor = no wear, no oil. High-quality insulation.


The technology

Our ultra low temperature storage room is optimised for operation at − 80 °C, but can also easily achieve a stable temperature anywhere within a range of − 40 °C to − 90 °C (or even − 110 °C, with adjustments). The chamber is controlled by an S7 1200 (Siemens) and equipped with our tested, energy-efficient LEDs. The insulation is made of highly stable, efficient, low temperature insulation panels with reduced thermal bridges and PU foam, integrated vacuum panels and hook closures. One unique highlight is the oil-free refrigeration technology, which uses only air as the refrigerant.

The cold room is energy-efficient thanks to its optimal storage temperature, temperature tolerance, electrical installations, loading and unloading process, and specific surface. The latter is the quotient of surface area to storage volume. This is especially critical when using a large number of individual refrigerators to replace one single storage room. Doing so may require 10 x the energy of what a single, large chamber would use for exactly the same operation.

We took all of these factors into account. The temperature is infinitely adjustable to meet your needs. The lock ensures less energy is lost during loading and unloading. The shape is optimised to provide the most storage space possible with a small external area, while remaining easy to transport. A true jack of all trades!


Download and contact

Download the complete PDF brochure here with all technical data and further information.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or to provide more extensive technical support. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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