Chiller and freezer cells

Chiller and freezer cells in a flexible, modular design, manufactured to custom specifications. Free from thermal bridges, and in insulation thicknesses up to 200 mm.

Chiller and freezer chamber doors

Revolving and sliding doors for cold and ultra low temperature rooms. Custom manufactured, up to 160 mm insulation thickness.

Ultra low temperature storage

For flexible use for vaccinations or medications. Reliable and efficient to −110 °C. Safe for people and the environment.

Climate and test cells

Cells for product testing under a wide range of environmental conditions. For temperatures from – 110°C to + 130°C and relative humidity of up to 98%.

Clean room technology

Clean rooms for the food and pharmaceuticals industry. Modular design for custom dimensions. Insulation thicknesses up to 100 mm.

Machine claddings

Hygienic panelling for temperature-controlled production lines in the food industry.